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. wilkins avenue, an accident, appearing to involve two vehicles blocking the two right lanes and both shoulders. police have arrived on the scene, so it's going to cause significant delays as you make your way towards the southwest corner, approaching i-95. this is again, the outer loop at wilkins. as we look at our maps, dealing with several incidents around the area. including a road closure, i-70 eastbound closed at the patapsco river bridge. hopefully it'll reopen within the next hour, possibly two or three hours or so. all traffic is being diverted onto route 29. accident remains on the top side of the outer loop. one lane is blocked there. a crash reported, 83 southbound at belfast. middle river, eastern boulevard and martin boulevard. don't drive through high water, you don't know how deep or dangerous it could be. linda sow is standing by, she has updates on one of this morning's top stories. >> it'll be one of those days. we're in for a lot of rain. why all this rain could leave you in the dark and shut off the lights in your house. well, max, first day... moh-ohm. -do you ha
making this terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95 with this commute. how is it looking so far? >> reporter: i know you can see the difference, more cars behind us, folks quickly trying to get their commute started knowing it's going to be difficult today with all of traffic converging on our area roads. they call it terrible traffic tuesday. basically you need to be ready for a lot of gridlock. >> it's called terrible traffic tuesday, the day after labor day where government workers head back along with school buses and students packing the roads. >> i'm expecting it to be a little crazy, just the traffic it seems like it's been really bad this year, some summer, pretty crazy summer. >> reporter: aaa atlantic spokesmen say there are 3 million workers and half drive to work by themselves. here are some areas to look out for. >> most of the potomac river crossings, construction is going on all except one. i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway. >> metro is an option but if you ride the red
. they have been her all night and are continuing to watch it. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >>> and we just received another update from thecene of the fire. investigators now say it appears only five cattle died and it's down from the early estimate that 50 animals were killed. >>> police in montgomery county are warning women beareful this morning after a woman was sexually assaulted. this happened on route 355 in germantown after the woman spent a night out with friends. ayoung woman said she was out with friends and decided to walk to 7-eleven on professional drive. on the way there she said she was attacked by a man who pulled her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. she ran into the 7-eleven to get help. police are still looking for suspects. >>> del in the trial of a man accused of killing chandra levy. among thoseissues, the prosecution's objection to a defense witness who will be called on to discuss why inmates agree to testify for prosecutors. at trial was supposed to start next week. >>> and the man accused of killing a local major league baseball player in a drunk driving
on 11th street and otis place northwest. tracee wilkins is live there right now. riht now police are actually guarding her belongings, i understand. but then you say at 10:00 they will bring in dump trucks and take her stuff to the dum why that deadline? what is the meaning of tha >> reporter: trash trucks is what we've been told hee. so much stuff it has to be cleared off the streets. if she can't get it on out, the city is going to do it for her. lice are guarding the stuff because she has had issues with people coming and taking some of the stuff away. now, she's worked for many years here in america. she's an immigrant from venezuela. she's been here 22 years. when work dried up, so did the mey for the representative. first of all, where is she going to live? she has no place to go. secondly, what is she going to do with all of her stuff? 50-year-old eloisa diaz who lived here 22 years and her home in northwest for 15 years. she said for the last two and a half years she's not been able to have steady work, and the work has dried up causing her eviction. >> i do not have a jo
are also in the running. tracee wilkins i live in upper marlboro with more on this tight race. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a busy morning at this polling place inpper marlboro. we pretty much had company all morning long. more campaign workers out here and poll workers as well. in addition to county executive, they are also going to be voting for county council, sheriff, state's attorney's office. there's a lot happening here and folks have plenty of choices. th five candidates seeking the democratic nomination. yesterday headquarters were in full gear as they went door to door, including sheriff michael jackson. >> i am a proven leader. i have a proven record. i brought resources to prince george's county, provided leadership of an agency that was almost ex tipth when i walkedn the door in 2002 as sheriff. >> reporter: >> reporter: jacksons considered one of two front-runners, along with baker, who ran three times for county executive seat. >> this is a great opportunity for prince george's county. it really is. if you look at where we're standing in largo, the opportu
heights ighborhood. tracee wilkins has more. >> reporter: first of all, i want to talk about how this is still impacting 16th street traffic here. as you can see behind me they are only allowing southbound traffic, not northbound traffic but just southbound traffic to make its way into d.c. this right now is a one way street here in this are commuters need to know about that. it's definitely impacting folks in the city. there are still emergency vehicles here in front of the apartment building. the investigation still continuing. now here you can see they have the windows open in the apartment building and let me explain to use. folks who experienced this fire, who were inside the building when this happened, they tell me that the smoke was so stng, it smelled almost like rubber burning and because of that it was very difficult for them to breathe. they also sayhat as they were trying to exit, when they saw that in some cases it wasn't safe for them to exit the best thing for them to do, head to one of these windows and just get some air and wait for officials to come and rescue
ward it's not safe to talk on phones and do other tasks. the results could be deadly. tracee wilkins is out with details of a new study. >> reporter: we have adopted a culture that is extremely dangerous for us when driving and they want to see that cultur change. more than 5,000 people were killed and nearly half a million injured in accidents that involved distracted driving last year. government officials are caing it an 'epidemic. talking on a cell phone. trying or reading a text. behavior some say should not be tolerated. >> we want the way we got drunk drirs off the road is when police arrested them and threw them in jail. we know the reason 85% of the people buckle up today is because tickets have been written and people really get it now. that's where we want to be with distracted driving. >> you're asking people to utterly alter the way they behave for a short time you're behind the wheel. th is a hugely challenging thing to do. >> reporter: according to aaa survey, we are drivers living with major contradiction. using cell phones while driving is dangerous. but 70% admit to
neighborhood. news 4's tracee wilkins is on the scene with the latest. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this was a terrible fire. what we do know is the fire was started possibly in a hallway, considered the common area of the fifth floor. let me show you what it looks like right now. they're not ruling out the possibility ofrson but not ready to call what happened re. people were evacuated. due to that some risked terrible injuries. eight people were transported to the hospital. five were taken to the burn center. two to george washington hospital. one child was taken to children's hospital. we're also told there was a jumper here at this fire. that person is in critical ndition at this point. one of the resints did make it out safely. >> when i opened the door, the stairway, which is right outside my do, i saw there was flames underneath the doorway. and so i realized there's a fire going on. so i ran out and tried to go down the first stairwell. that's wherthe fire was. other stairwell, i opened to go down that but the lights were out. completely dark. >> reporter: that
will announce plans for the november 2nd general election today at noon. tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the udio. >> tracy, thanks very much. mayor adrian fenty left campaign headquarters without offially conceding victory to gray. >> he is expected to make an announcement later on today. elaine reyes continues our coverage of the d.c.ayor race from fenty's headquarters. elaine, good morning. >> good morning. that's right. adrian fey expected to call sometime thimorning to concede. he said he wanted to wait until he got the official nbers from the board of election. some of the last people left just a few hours ago. he didn't stay up late waiting for the final votes tcome in. he was elected in 2006 as the district's youngest mayor. the votes came in yesterday, he took mostly white areas of the city while black voters were for gray. it's important to note only four years ago, in his last election, fenty won every precinct. >> i always tell people you never know what's going to happen until thenight of the election. we expect to win. just wait for the board of election to do the
at southbound 29. watch for heavy delays back heavy 40. you can see the delays from wilkins because of an accident on the outer loop. cold spring at loch raven, another accident. that one is still taking up the right lane. you can see the delays forming. northbound 83, another accident. it is a very busy rush. flooding will be an issue. leave extra time. 70 at 29, traffic on the westbound getting by fine. eastbound, nothing at all. wilkins avenue is the accident scene. you can see two lanes getting by. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the big story is the rain and lots of it. several inches are expected to fall in our area. state >> agencies and utilities are ready to spring into action. jennifer franciotti is live and fells point with more on the story. >> the nice thing is we have seen city crews coming by. they come by with their flashing yellow lights. they are monitoring flash flooding. so far so good in fells point. we have had intermittent heavy rain. this is the lightest it has been all morning long. emergency workers have spent much of wednesday preparing for this
-in candidate between now and then. for now there is major celebration for e gray camp. tracee wilkins, live in northwest. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much. >>>ayor adrian fenty left his headquarters without conceding victory to vincent gray. elaine reyes was in northwest washington. any more from the mayor? >> reporter: no,ot yet. but we can tell you the last few people left this georgia avenue building just a few hours ago. we do know mayor adrian fenty is expected to call vincent gray sometime this morning. fenty stayed up late and waited for the final ve count in the norwest headquarters. elected in 2006, he was the district's youngest mayor. as the votes came inesterday it appeared he took mostly white areas of the city while black voters supported gray. constituents have complained of his manament style in the past with 90% reporting, fendy, 46% of t vote, gray, 53%. now, what is next for fenty? that's the question. is he going to come in perhaps as a write-in campaign. just a few moments ago we spoke with a spokesperson for the fenty campaign. it's too early to tell.
'm tracee wilkins. uni uen, back to you in the studio. >>> the education debate continues this morning on the "today" show. matt lauer will sit down with president obama to discuss publischool systems across the country. the exclusive live interview strts at 8:00 a.m. here on nbc 4. >>> falling to the worst. the redskins could not hang on -- or rather hang with the st. louis rams. they t their first win of the season and ended a 14-game losing streak with this win. redskins stayed in the game, even taking the lead 16-14. the rams kept up the pressure and took the win. coach shanahan said the rams just wanted to win more. >> come back in the second half. very similar to what we did before. came out the week before with a touchdown drive. but after that they did the job. they played well. >> it was a better night for the skins with 116 rushing yards. portis accounted for 44 of those yards. >> big burm. 6:08. 65 degrees. coming up, the new traffic patterns now opennear the wilson bridge. that's supposed to ease your commute. >>> a well-known megachurch ptor breaks silence about the sex sc
. tracee wilkins is live in college park this morning. >> reporter: good morning. university of maryland police want students to understand that things are not safe, specifically in the early morning hours here near campus. they want them to try to learn how to protect themselves. a university of maryland student was attacked by four men walking blocks from the college park campus. it happened 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. they took money out of the student's wallet and left him injured. this the latest in a series of robberies where the victims are students. >> since school has started back, we've had four incidents where victims have been robbed, either in late evening hours or early morning hours. in each of knees cases we haven't had definitive information that links them all together yet. >> reporter: police are warning maryland students that they are most likely to become victims during a two-hour span they are calling crime time, 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. >> it is better to travel in pairs. that way if something does happen, you have two sets of eyes as a witness who help us identify potentia
at the university of maryland. tracee wilkins, live in college park. >> all right, thank you. >>> a virginia man is behind bars this morning accused of sexually assaulting a woman. police say he met the woman using the online dating site eharmony. according to the loudoun county sheff's office, 34-year-old john evans met the 37-year-old victim on the site back in jue. in july she went to his home where officials say he held her against her will, and sexually assaulted her. sheriff's investigators are now concerned this woman was not evans' first victim. >> a situation like this, it's the same as someone who's been scammed. they don't want the embarrassment of someone knowing they've been scammed so they don't say anything. that's how these perpetrators continue to get by with their crimes. if anybody is familiar with this person we'd certainly like to hear from them. >> eharmony released a statement saying it's, quote, deeply saddened to hear about this terrible incident. theebsite also said it immediately closed evans' account and notified all of his matches not to communicate with him. >>> a f
. there's a new traffic pattern. tracee wilkins has more on what you need to know before you head out the door. >> reporter: good morning eun. this is the dull let project. now the busiest intersection in tyson's corner is going to be affected. 123 to rote 7 westbound. they have closed that ramp for the next year. here's a look at what your new ramp looks like. drivers who use 123 to route 7, you will now have to access route 7 from this new exit just south of international drive and the marriott courtyard hotel. that's how you will know. it will take you to frontage road and turn right on route 7. if you miss the ramp, continue south on 123, turn right on old courthouse road which intersects in both directions. it's important that you pay close attention to the signage. they'll have officers out here in the morning. it will help to direct traic. the best way for you to remember this is when you get up on the courtyard marriott know your rightis coming up quickly. we have seen a cole cars stop and hesitate. is this supposed to go? yes, it is where you're supposed to go if y're ting to
, thank you. this is happening right now on 16th street in e columbia heights neighborhood. tracee wilkins is on the scene with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i'm told by witnesses this was an incredibly graphic scene, violent scene for folks who saw whahappened to the people involved in the fire. i'm told before firefighters arrived on the scene people were out in front of the building who had been burned trying to escape the fire as well. so we're joined live now. fire chief here for district of columbia. tell me what happened. >> first of all, good morning. 3:45 d.c. fire department received a call for a building fire on 16th street nortest. first unit arrived within one minute. upon arrival, they had heavy fire conditions from the fifth floor at which point they had numerous ladder rescues, people hanging from the windows. they went into rescue mo as well as going in to attack the fire. on the fifth floor, they found they had a fire out in the common area of the hallway making it even tougher for the occants abo the fifth floor to escape down the inte
are looking into potential connections between the attacks. tracee wilkins has more on the possible band of robbers. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. it appears tlb robbers who are targeting university of maryland students thinking these folks are ways to get quick cash. police are saying they want the students to try to protect themselves. university of maryland student was attacked by a group of four males 2:00 a.m. saturday morning the past weekend. the robbers beat him and took money out of his wallet just blocks from campus. last weekend three students were attacked and robbed while waiting for a campus shuttle. police say this is all becoming a trend. >> since school has started back at the university of maryland we had four incidents where victims have been robbed, either in late evening hours or early morning hours. in each the cases we haven't had definitive information that links them all together yet. >> reporter: now, these signs are posted all over the university of maryland talking about what they are calling crime time, 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. they are
watch to make sure no one stole her belongings. 11th street and otis place. tracee wilkins is live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a scene we hav seen played out across this country during this economic downturn. folks who have had a hard time and not paid rent. this is one woman. she has been in america for 22 years. lived in her home at 11th and otis for 15 years. she said that work has just started to dry up. . for two and a half years she's been struggle to go try and make representative, but she has had a hard time. 9:30 yesterday morning they came and evicted her. she had a large amount of stuff. now it takes up about two blocks. this side of 11th street. also the other side you look over here to the right and you can see police are standing ard trying to make sure nobody takes her belongings but it hasn't really worked. she said some people have come and taken some of the stuf here. she is original from venezue venezuela. she was going to send some of this stuff home to people who needed it and she hasn't had the resources to that.
tuesday. tracee wilkins is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning. terrible traffic tuesday and tracee is going to tell you about it. it happens every year. folks need to be careful and prepare for gridlock. that's the bottom line. government workers and school buses and students will converge onto the area roads and that's going to make for quite a mess. according to aaa atlantic, there are 3 million workers in the d.c. area and half drive in cars by themselves skipping the car pools all together. we have construction around the area, here are some areas you may want to avoid if you can. >> railroad crossings, construction is going on all of them except one. i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway. >> reporter: 25% of area workers have started telecommuting or teleworking, taken 200,000 cars off the roads. that's always an improvement. car pooling also a way to help out. in the meantime, if you're driving, aaa is suggesting you give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes. they are thinking that's how much time can be added on to your
candidateses hits t hitting the hard. tracee wilkins joins us live with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. the chairman has said throughout this whole thing that regardless of what the polls may be showing, he is still not resting, that he's going to continue to fight. and the mayor is saying the same thing. according to it a new independent poll released yesterday, vincent gray's lead has grown to a seven point advantage. there is a racial divide between voters. >> just doing everything we can to touch people. >> reporter: but among white voters polled, fenty has the lead with 13% of the voters still undecided. the mayor says he will continue his push. >> get as many of them to the polls as possible to convince those undecided and soft voters that we're the right candidate for the job. >> reporter: fenty is hoping for support from the white house in these final days. againdy was an early supporter of president obama. chairman gray had this to say about that. >> really reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city, people who have been involved in the city every
slick this morning. if they're even passable at all. tracee wilkins is live along the beltway near bradley boulevard in bethesda with more on this serious accident this morning. >> reporr: good morning, eun. we're going to show you what it looks like on the inner loop of the beltway heading toward wisconsin avenue. major, major backup. we're told that a truck has jackknifed right up the road here. and as a result of that, all of the lanes are closed. traffic is getting by on the left-hand shoulder. not even a real wlan at this point. there is a fuel spill here up the road so they're dealing with all of this, trying to get it cleaned up, waiting for a tow truck to come so they can get that truck out of the adway. they're going to move it over to the right and tow it out as soon as they possibly can. this is causing a major backup. folks need to pay very close attention. be very careful. as i was speakingo you ijust saw a car get over from the beltway, try to get over to the i-270 spur here and thatwas very frightening right in front of a truck. folks have got to be careful. drive sl
vincent gray. will she stay or will she go? tracee wilkins is live outside the blding where today's meeting will take place. good morning. >> good morning, eun. this is a highly anticipated meeting. not only here in wahington, but also nationally. rhee has defitely gained nation attention since becoming chancellor here in washington, d.c. plenty of folks want to see what's going t happen to the new face of reform in education. d.c. city council chair vincent gray, the presumptive new d.c. mayor, vowed throughout his candidacy that he isor education reform. but has not said whether that push was movement and whether d.c. schools will include chancellor michelle rhee. rhee is considered by many the national face of school reform. and was featured in highly anticipated film about education called waiting for superman. >> you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really croppy education right ow. >> reporter: rhee has made a number of controversial decisions, gaining supporters and ee voenents. including the mass firings of hundreds of teachers and principals. the
on meet the press. tracee wilkins is live with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. michelle rhee is becoming the face of urban school reform. she was featured yesterday on meet the press's panel. during the show we addressedhy she fired hundreds of teachers. moderator david gregory brought fenty's loss and e d.c. primary up. suggesting that a lack of national support may keep other mayors and governors from risking political capital lost through education refm effort. when gregory asked rhee wl she stay on as chancellor, she had this to say. >> i think that's something we still have to determine and i have
on the beltway, causing big headaches on the outer loop, southwest corner, we have a crash at wilkins, blocking the two right lanes. both shoulders are blocks. two middle lanes do get by. delays are beginning to form at about liberty road at this time. expect this to be closed or these lanes to be closed for at least a little bit of time going forward. as we look at our maps, we have several other incidents we're working, flooding in baltimore city has patapsco avenue closed. flooding in middle river, eastern boulevard and martin boulevard. still working a crash on the top side of the outer loop, ramp to the jfx one of the lanes continues to be blocked because of an earlier crash. 70 eastbound closed, there is no access getting on towards 695. you can't even get towards the beltway if trying to travel 70 east. all traffic is being diverted onto southbound route 29. in western howard county, glen oak, burntwoods drive closed. allow yourself extra time this morning. >>> if you're heading out today, you'll need more than your umbrella, bring your patience as well. all of the rain means a lot of p
wilkins is live with details on this summit. t trac, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it's like all this technology is coming to be bad for drivers who are trying to use the tecology while driving. more than 5,000 drivers were killed. accidents involving distracted driving. nearly half a million injured. federal officials are calling this an epidemic. today the u.s. department of transpoation will be meeting with crash victims, faly members, law enforcement, safety advocates and industry to try and find a solution to wha they're calling a national problem. >> the way we got drunk drivers off the road is when we arresd them and threw them in jail. we know the reason 85% of the people buckle up today is because tickets have been written and people really get it now. that's where we want to be with distracted drivin >> reporter: they examine the results of police officers and distracted drives in one community versus another community where there wasn't any kind of enforcement. they're going to explain what differences they saw between the two communities. the whole id is to
working in that headquarters building. each of them has their own story to tell. tracee wilkins is live in silver spring with what some of them are saying. >> reporter: when you work in a large building in the washington area, you know about drill procedures, but that still does not completely prepare you for the reality of having to do one of those drills. yesterday around 1:00 p.m., the suspected gun man entered the discovery communications building. he interrupted what was a business as usual kind of day. some people were working in their offices. others were going or returning from lunch when their lives were abruptly changed. >> the nurse came over the p.a. system saying there was a situation in the lobby and so we were trying to get to offices and looking out the windows at the same time and seen police circling up around the building. >> they told us that there's a gunman in the lobby and for us to lock ourselves in closed offices. >> reporter: here on wayne, you can see police still have the road closest to discovery closed here on the south end of the building. the police still
roadways. we'll give you a live look at the west side right at wilkins avenue. things moving just fine on both the inner and the outer loops. switching over to a live view of 95 in the northeast corner, just north of the beltway, southbound traffic is coming toward us there on the top part of your screen. we're not even seeing any delays at all. and that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now a check on the forecast. >> and it's a good forecast again today. a lot of sunshine. statewide, temperatures again will be below the seasonal average. normally we'd be around 8 for the high. we'll be close to that, but probably short of it, with a little bit of a breeze and a lot of sun. here in baltimore, temperatures will be in the mid 70's during the day today. we'll talk about the rain chances somewhere in this forecast over the next few days coming up in just a few minutes. stick around. >> listen, over the years, you see a lot of dvent players, ravens players included, they play it close to the vest when talking about an opponent, for understandable reasons. but not this time around for ray
is going to happen behind closed doors at noon, in the council chair's office. i'm tracee wilkins, live this morning in northwest >> tracee, thanks so much. we'll stay on top of that story on news 4 all day. thanks, tracee. >>> this morning, family and friends are geving the loss of a local navy s.e.a.l. who was killed in afghanistan. brendan looney died in a helicopter crash on monday that killed eight others. the u.s. military says it was an accident but the taliban is claiming responsibility. looney graduated from dematha high school in 1999. his family lives in silver springs. his footballcoach says he always wanted to be a navy s.e.a.l. and he became one. >> in my eyes, and i think in the eyes of our whole community, he is more than just a hero. you know, we look at him as a superhero. >> looney graduated from the u.s. naval academy in 2004. he is survived by his wife, his family went to dover air force base yesterdayo pick up their loved one's flag-draped casket. >>> disturbing news this morning about the threat terror groups are posing to the united states. three of the country's
, as tracee wilkins just reported, 16th street remainslosed because of the building fire. you can see the fire department on the scene. detour set up. volume very, very light in that stretch of northwest. let's head over a update you at the wilson bridge. inner loop of the beltway bcked in the overnight hours from time to time right at i-66. had to go inner loop, flip around, come back in. that should be wrapped up. outer loop wrappg up. joe, eun. >> jerry thanks. >>> still to come, from the bedroom to the courtroom, a maryland couple suing over bedbugs. >>> plus, a subject he knows all too well. what mayor fenty says about the political risk reforming schools. >>> who is calling f >>> 4:44. here are some of the top stories. breaking news ou of northwest washington where crews are battling a fire at an eight-story apartment building. live look at the scene right now. seven pele had to be taken to the hospital. they say someone set trash on fire in a stairwell. we have a crew there. we'll bring you an update at once. >>> police still looking for suspects in northwest washington. officers say a
at ellicott city, the right shoulder is taken away because of a downed pole. here we are at wilkins, both loops running smoothly. as you head down towards i-70, inner loop lanes looking good. adds we look at drive times this morning, so far on the green, six minutes south bound to the 95 split to 295. if you are traveling on 95, no problems between the beltways 15 minutes between 695 and route 32 in howard county. as we saw on the outer loop, six minutes between i-70 and 95. jamie, back to you. >>> all new this morning, $41 million. that's what it's going to take to improve bwi thurgood marshall airport. water, natural gas, communication lines will all be replaced. the project is expected to be completed in about 11 months with some money coming from federal stimulus funds. >>> all right. time now for the democracy 2010 report this morning. early voting under way in maryland. so this is how it works. you have 11 gays to cast your vote before the -- 11 days to cast your vote before the primary. political analysts do not believe there will be a huge turnout. >>> here's what's happening
traffic moving nice on both loops at wilkins avenue. 695, checking in with no problems. 95 corridor looking good. no problems as you continue down towards the capital beltway. as we look at our maps and drive times, you're looking good on the harbor tunnel thruway, seven minutes down to 295. 95 southbound looking good down to route 32 in howard county. that's off to the right shoulder, not bothering anybody. debris in the roadway. megan and jamie, back to you >>> our summer playground, that's where we are this morning, don harrison, on the beach. >> reporter: good morning, jamie, you know, it's actually very comfortable out here right now. the temperature is 76 degrees. i checked the anemometer, the winds are blowing only at 8 miles per hour. there'll be some effect at some point down here in ocean city. at this point right now, we're in a tropical storm warning, winds will be over 40 miles an hour. we could see gusts up to 50 or 60 miles an hour. i walked back behind me to the surf, waves at 5 to 6 feet. they'll build to 10 feet later on. tomorrow, we'll see waves, maybe 15 feet. w
, pretty much traffic is stopped. we had an earlier crash at wilkins, cleared out of the travel portion, it continues to block both shoulders, perhaps rubbernecking going on there, in addition to volume on top of the rains and the reduced visibility. as we look at our maps, this is what we have going on. incident in gambrelsfk because of high flooding water there. ebenezer road, high water reported to be as high as two feet in some places. martin boulevard closed because of high water. we have reports of a vehicle fire, 95 southbound, approaching exit 74. expect it to be a slow ride on the 95 corridor. east cold spring lane, loch raven boulevard. we're still working an accident on the top side of the outer loop, headed towards the jfx earlier crash from before 5:00 in the morning, reported to involve a police cruiser. flooding a problem on patapsco avenue, we know how that goes on 895, standard operating procedure. liberty road, spun out vehicle off to the left shoulder on the outer loop, 795. this has pretty much been the big crash of the morning, 70 eastbound closed at route 29 becaus
west side due to on inner loop at wilkins avenue -Ășas we check in and leif ook at frederick road notice it is going to be pretty slow. the congestion ill ccntinue s we make our way tt the top side of the belt way dealing with an accident on the outer loop at york road and check in and take a live look ann notice it its jaa packed. do expect delay on the inner loop as well and speeds clocking in at 17 miles per hour. see relief makk your ay to parkville but we have an accident right in parkkille at puty hill avenue and another crash not far froo us here aa the station right down the street on west 41st street at buena vista avenue and heading to the oriole game wash-out darns watch out for a crash on martin luther kiig jr. and boyd street that's the traffic evenly report. >> thanks lauren. >> even niier weekend is on the way. >> when do we see much-needed rain howeeer? emily has the full forecast. >> he at least 5 officers caught on tape beating a suspect. one of the officers past that might have contributed to the scene. >> octomom tax on everything you buy? that's in and
look at our cameras, this'll be the beltway at wilkins avenue. moving at a nice pace. building volume, may encounter a little bit of slowing in both directions, clears up past that scene. as we look at our drive times, little bit on the outer loop, 795 to 70, seven minutes to make that trip on 95 southbound, starting to pick up slightly. four minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway. harbor tunnel thruway, no problems at all. will take you six minutes this morning. traffic very quiet, looking very good as you make your way out the door to start your commute. >>> it is 6:22. 90210. if you're celebrating a birthday, happy birthday. janet, happy birthday. her entire church choir, especially the soprano section said they love her and wish her many more to come. happy birthday. hope they're singing happy birthday to you, janet. >>> yesterday we had the dancing dog, today we have more good stuff to show you. >> we had to show you this video. >> it's a male pigmy hippo. this fell was born two weeks ago. now weighs 11 pounds. he may be small, but he'll eventually be 825 pounds. so fa
as well. in northeast, tracee wilkins. eun, back to you in the studio. >>> apparently america is also slipping when it comes sending to college. only 38% of adults hold college degrees. 44% of marylanders holdollege degrees. however, that number varies greatly by county. 64% of people some montgomery county hold degrees. in virginia, about 44% of adults have college deees. this study did not break out separate numbers, though, for the district. the number of college degrees would need to grow by a quarr million each year to beat 60% of the u.s. adult population having degrees by 2025. >>> and education continues this morning on the "today" show with matt lauer. the exclusive live interview begins here on nbc 4. >>> it's raining out there, tom. much needed rain. >> welcomed rain has been coming through from time to time. we have mott radrain in prince george's. elsewhere, some passing light to moderate showers moving across virginia, west virginia, district of columbia on this monday morning. right now temperatures are cool. wet pavement all the way around. low 60s now. and lighter vie
now with news 4's tracee wilkins in annandale, virginia. >> reporter: here in northern virginia, a big mess with plenty of roads closed throughout the area. here on this road, another example of why you should not try your hand at high water. it was a wet, long, miserable morning commute that started for a lot of drivers on the inner loop of the beltway, after a tractor trailer jackknifed at the 270 split. fuel poured from the truck causing major backups throughout the morning commute. anwhile, in annandale on woodburn road, a v-dot worker says a husband and wife drove through the roadblock and tried to g through this standing water but didn't make it. they both had to be rescued. the water stood about two feet on thear side and a foot and a half on the side the driver tried to go through. >> i work right on woodburn road. i haven't been down there, but i'm wondering what it's like. >> reporter: v-dot crews surveyed flood-prone areas for the possibility of road closures, water ran through a local annandale park and threatened nearby prosperity avenue. >> a lot of accidents, a lot of tr
. it happened on the 6,000 block of rock forest drive in bethesda. tracee wilkins is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. also, because they were trying to corner the suspect into this immediate area amid some road closures that affected traffic made it difficult for some folks to get to work. now, police say they believe their suspect may have actually left this area. they are still trying to figure out exactly when, maybe before they arrived but they do have a suspect description. his name is joshua prince, a white male, age 32. he may have fled in a black tahoe. they are saying he is armed and dangerous with a high-powered rifle. no one should approach this suspect. if he is seen, call police. montgomery county police are searching for an armed gunman and they are using everything, from police cars to helicopters. a woman who lived at the avalon apartments tells news 4 that at 7:20, a woman ran door to door screaming for help saying someone was trying to shoot her. soon after, police surrounded the avalon apartment. montgomery county police say she know who their su
in potomac in a community that's lost power with every storm. tracy wilkins tells us they are considering desperate measures. >> we have definitely seen worse weather than what we have had today, but for folks in river falls it doesn't seem to take much more than tis tonock out power. >> this year in particular has been very bad. there's always been power outages you wouldn't expect in this neighborhood. > reporter: now with light rain, no power again. but since so many of the homes of the community are on separate grids it's not a problem for everyone, just the same people over and over agai >> i have a 10-year-old afraid to be in the house when it rains by himself because he assume the power will go out. >> reporter: even with underground lines neighbors say the power outages persisted. now they have started a community listserv online. the main topic of discussion by more than two dozen families, where to get a good generator. some are considering purchasing them in bulk to cut down on costs. >> it's probably a list of 15 to 20 people looking to spend, i would guesstimate roughly $5,00
to shoot his ex-girlfriend. she filed a protective order against prince just last week. tracee wilkins had more earlier today. >> reporter: montgomery county police are searching for an armed gunman and using everything from police cars to helicopters to armed vehicles. they are receiving assistance from state police. a woman who lives at the avalon apartments in bethesda tells news 4 around 7:20 this morning a woman ran door to door screaming for help saying someone was trying to shoot her. soon after police surrounded the avalon apartments. there were reports of at least one shot fired. montgomery county police say they know who their suspect is. their search to get him into custody led to closing of streets. they closed nearby exits to 270 and locked down walter johnson high school. people in live at the avalon were told to stay in their apartments and those who are out of their apartments were not let back in. >> they are not letting me go back in. i just want to go to work. >> tracee wilkins, news 4. >> joshua prince has been found. price, rather, found and arrested in pennsylvania. w
in their downtown headquarters. a gunman entered the lobby and took three people hostage. tracee wilkins reports on the calls for help. >> reporter: the first call came from security inside the discovery communications building. >> five gunshots in the main lobby. >> reporter: the man who told 911 that he was an operations manager for discovery went on to tell the operator that he was in the lobby with the suspected gunman. >> i'm right behind the main lobby in a secure space. >> reporter: behind the main lobby in a secure space? >> yes. >> caller: okay. hold on just a minute, okay? >> yep. >> caller: do you see anybody? >> no. >> caller: then calls came from outside discovery. >> there is a man with a gun at 1 discovery place inside the lobby of discovery communications. >> reporter: 1 discovery place? >> yes. and he's got a gun. he's going through the front desk. he's got people on the floor. >> reporter: then a call from an employee. >> when i walked by him he said nobody move and i ran. i'm hiding in the kitchen. >> reporter: another security guard contacted 911 and while on the phone notice
in the community. trae wilkins has her story. >> reporter: it seem like a hopeless situation. her belongings spread four to five blocks after she was evicted yesterday morning. she had until0:00 a.m. today before trash trucking came to take it to the dump. >> i do not have a job. i tried to get a little here, a little there. it is not a regular eight-hour work. after july, i just don't have nothing at all. >> then a phone call from a news4 viewer started to turn thing around. >> hole on for one second. i'm going to put her on the phone with you. okay? okay. >> reporter: they sent crews to pack and mov eloisa's possessions for free. >> pack it up as fast as we can and get it out of here. >> reporter: they will store them for free for a mth. >> so much has change since our conversationhis morning. >> yes. it is a blessing. i'm feeling happy and relieved, the stress. now 100% big change. >> reporter: the kindness of strangers didn'tend there. she now has a job thanks to a man who saw her story on television and the city is stepping in with counseling and services. >> every situation is complex and emo
on for ten months now. tracee wilkins joins frus leesburg with the details on that. >> reporter: good morning, the committee charged with overseeing the courthouse grounds, they say this all happened, the debate between church and state, as a way to try to protect the courthouse grounds. what started out as one or two groups starting displays, that was fine, when they got too many, they felt it was time to stop it all together. >> here in the middle of summer, i'm finding out that we're attacking christmas again. >> it's a battle that's been going on since last christmas. should religious displays be banned from the courthouse grounds. last night residents for and against the banning let the board of supervisors now how they felt. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religious or private property. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason we're here. >> personally i don't feel like god needs and dog and pony show. but on the other hand, if you can turn a profit on this, well boo ya to you. >>> last year a panel recommended ending the tradition after allow
debate since the latest poll shows the mayor trailing gray by sizable margin. tracee wilkins has details. >> reporter: according to the "washington post" poll released on sunday, the mayor is trailing by double digits. the did democratic primary is just two weeks away, making today's debate that much more critical. some voters h already know who they want. >> i'm going to be voting for fenty temperature. >> i'd like a change and gray is the one that i would like to see in the office. >> reporter: but for those who are undecided -- >> i'm still torn half and half. >> reporter: -- today's debate could be pivotal. fenty and gray will present their views on the issues, ask each other direct questions, and take questions from the audience. so we asked d.c. voters, what would you ask? >> i would need to ask what are their plans for jobs. >> what do you plan on doing as far as something to do for the east. >> what this r. they going to do blacks. >> reporter: both are in an expensive and get out the vote campaign. >> now comes the most important part of the campaign. it's critically important t
people hostage for several hours before he was killed. here's tracee wilkins. >> reporter: when everything happened at the discovery communications on wednesday, there was only so much we could show you because of our limitations as mead and road blocks. there were people who had a very interesting perspective and were able to see everything from their point of view. today, they're sharing it. >> it is something that is in all of our minds constantly. we can't stop talk bigt here. >> reporter: the people who work here at in downtown silver spring had a unique view of what happened during the stand-off at discovery communications. >> to see all the employees literally walk through and around to the stairwell and coming down. police cars and tanks and blocking the streets. i grabbed my iphone and started taking pictures. >>> in fact, the entire office took pictures, now posted on's website. including these pictures of the two hostages lying on the ground outside the discovery building. >> i saw them essentially spread eagle on the floor outside the building. not kn
, from the harrisburg expressway to harford road, west side heavy from 795 to wilkins avenue, average speed there about 30 miles per hour. 95 northbound heavy traffic there from the harbor tunnel throughway to the the beltway. we have an accident to watch out for on the jones falls expressway at northern parkway. let's now take a live look as you can see plenty of activity on the beltway at green spring avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by famous daves. try our two new sauces wilbur's revenge and pineapple rage. they are perfect for parties and always for watching football. now back over to you. >>> today's other big story, 44 hours after the polls close on primary election day there is no clear winner for baltimore city state's attorney. with 100% of the precincts reporting and the majority of the absentees counted, challenger greg burnstein by nearly 1300 votes. that does not include absentee ballots. 2010 coverage continues. mike hellgren has the latest on the ballots being counted right now. mike? >> reporter: kai, it includes most of the absentee ballots. it does not
information and to solicit ideas. the address is >>> noouz news4's tracee wilkins talked to voters about gray becoming the new mayor of the district. >> reporter: he has won more than half the city's vote beating out mayor adrian fenty four years after fenty won in every district. despite our differences, i know well that adrian fen shares our commitment to this city. so please join me in applauding and thanking him for his record of service to the people of the dtrict of columbia. >> reporter: fenty, the youngest mayor in d.c. history, started getting resistance from voters oriole in his campaign with many claiming the mayor had become aloof, disconnected. in some ways, arrogant. >> he looked down on people. instead of communicating with the people. >> reporter: these residents say his character and policies are what changed the vote this time. >> t me he was disappointing. certain areas they work with with people and the rest get lost in the shuffle. >> reporter: this rning they expressed their disappointment. >> i think he has done a good job and it is too bad that beu
-- but the search continues for two other men. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live in college park. good morning, tracee. >> good morning, joe. we've been talking about these robberies. it has been a shock to the folks who live in this community and the students who live off campus, as well. since the beginning of the school year, it appears that there have been robbers who believe that they can make money off of university of maryland students by robbing them in this area. surveillance deo helped to make one arrest. now police say they still have two other suspects who are running. prince george's county polic arrested 19-year-old jah of silver springs. police say he and two other students robbed a student on august 8th. now jah was arrested at his me. now this was one of five robberies that have happened here in college park, all within an eleven-day span. three of the robberies involved students. these all happened off campus. now these robberies are violent. and in some cases involved weapons. and police don't know if they were all connected or not. but what they do know is that students nee
is finally ready to make a decision. tracee wilkins joins us live from leesburg with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. this all started when they said it was one thing when they had one or two groups putting up displays. but when the requests started to come in and more groups wanted to put up displays and in some cases quite frankly, the displays were a little extreme, the county thought maybe it would be good idea to stop it all together. >> here in the middle of summer, i'm finding out that we're attack being christmas again. >> reporter: should religious displays be banned from the loudoun county courthouse ground and last night residents four and against the banning let the supervisors now how we felt. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religious or private property, that way everyone is treated fairly. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason that we're here. >> personally i don't feel god needs a dog and pony show. but on the other hand, if you can turn a profit on this for loudoun county, boo ya to you. >> reporter: last year
let street in colombia heights neighborhood. no more word yet on the cause. tracee wilkins has the story. >> repoer: people who witnessed the fire in the 3100 block of 16th street, it began as one of the most graphic scenes they'd ever seen. >> as i walked out, there were people lying on the ground, burned up, clothes half burned off. >> reporter: when the firefighters arrived a number were still trapped inside. dozens were evaluated on the scene. 18 people were transported to the hospital including one child. also a man who jumped from the sixth floor to avoid flames. >> we have one fatality, six folks in ctical condition, which are adults, one child in critical condition, and several others transported. >> reporter: firefighters say they believe it started on the sixth floor near a stairwell. when they arrived the fire exended to the roof. >> i don't know if it was something burning, rubber or something, because the smoke was really potent. >> rorter: she said it 'twas smell of that tent and unusual smoke that she remembers most. when she could. find an exit out, she quickly
of central avenue in capital heights. it happened late tuesday night. tracee wilkins joins us from capital heights with more on the investigation. tracee? >> reporter: this is a 15-year-old kid who was raised in this neighborhood, went to high school a block away from where we are standing right now, was shot and killed right here in front of this apartment complex. the police were back in front of the central garden apartments in capital heights this morning. they were searching for clueing and taking another look at the murder scene. >> we aren't for certain what happened. we know that a call was transpired from him to his home telling his mom he was en route home. he never made it home. 15-year-old justin pennell, a freshman at central high school was found shot on the squawk about 9:00 p.m. tuesday night. his cousin says, after a day of suffering from multiple gunshots, doctors said this morning, they had done all they could do for him. >>> police have taken spray paint and painted up to nine different markers of where justin was shot. the sidewalk is still stained with his blood. fami
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